Building Recovery Journeys As Unique As You

Kyros’ human-centric, technology-enabled, holistic approach to achieving long-term recovery from substance use disorder considers both virtual and in-person treatment modalities as essential components to drive positive health outcomes


How We Help

Kyros’ network of recovery support services, arms clients with the ability to build personalized recovery roadmaps that deliver the right support, in the right place at the right time, tailored to meet their individual needs.

  • Connect with services across the continuum of care from one centralized location
  • Partner with care providers who have shared lived experiences or backgrounds
  • Find immediate help within your own community
  • Access care providers for both virtual and in-person support services
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From Our Founder

I have first hand experience navigating the substance use treatment industry, and I’ve witnessed family members experience similar hardships. Through these experiences, what I saw was an industry that had largely been left behind by tech but could greatly benefit from it. With substance use disorders continuing to skyrocket combined with the scarcity of resources, it was clear to me a game-changing platform needed to be built in order to better address the needs of this industry.

Daniel Larson

Founder & CEO

Our Vision

Increase positive recovery outcomes through a human-centric, technology-enabled approach to substance use disorder treatment.

Our Mission

Expand and streamline access to recovery services and providers through a centralized, digital platform.

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