Peer Professionals are transforming lives

Kyros whole-heartedly believes in the immense value that Peer Professionals bring to the recovery community. This is why we’re committed to professionalizing the Peer role – life-saving workers deserve a fulfilling work experience.

What is a Peer Professional?

Peer Professionals are professionals within the recovery community who utilize their lived experience to support their peers in recovery. Providing the clients with a range of support services, Peers use their own experiences in recovery to guide, advise and mentor each client uniquely. As each person in recovery has encountered different hurdles, clients rely on Peers who can understand what they have lived through. We recognize that this connection is of utmost importance, and this is why we pair each client with a Peer who is best equipped to support them in healthy recovery.

Meet April Chouinard - Peer Professional

April works as a Peer Professional and Onboarding Supervisor at Kyros – hear from her directly what it means to be a Peer.

Find the Right Career Path for You

As we professionalize this career path, we’ve included new opportunities for growth within the Peer Provider profession at Kyros. From mentorship, to incentives and promotions – Kyros Peers are offered a career track that allows professional development each step of the way.

Hear it From Our Peers

April Chouinard Certified Peer Supervisor

“Working as a Peer Provider has created profound purpose in my own healing journey. This work allows me to reach others through my experiences, and truly impact the lives of those I work with.”

Rolando Ruiz Former Certified Peer Professional

"Kyros has helped me turn my mess into a message. After 12+ years of substance use disorder treatment I am working in a career that helps others that have similar stories. My work flexibility as a CPRS has allowed me to pursue school and serve my community while working with clients."

Ryan Avalon Certified Peer Professional

“I like making my own hours and being able to help people 'freelance style'."

Samantha Nygaard Certified Peer Professional

“I had a lifetime surrounded in use. In that lifetime I want those same people along with me for the next. Because now I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to remember.”

Shelly Storm Certified Peer Professional

“What I love about working here is the support I get as a Peer Provider. Helping others heal, heals me.”