Peer Professionals: Working at Kyros

At Kyros, we recognize the invaluable role peer recovery specialists play in removing barriers to substance use disorder recovery. Having a shared lived experience makes them unique and necessary assets in the battle against this epidemic. However, all too often their commitment to helping others is not matched with a fulfilling employment experience.

We believe it’s time for that to change. That’s why we’re on a mission to create professional opportunities for peer recovery specialists that are both rewarding and fulfilling. Through our platform, we offer an employment experience with purpose, where peers can have the meaningful impact and enjoy the professionalized pay scale they deserve.

At Kyros, we’re dedicated to providing:

Evidence-based training

Peer resources


Support to help Peers succeed both personally and professionally

If you or someone you know is a peer recovery specialist (or wants to become one!) and is looking for an employment experience that matches their commitment to strengthening the recovery community, Kyros is here for you.

Welcome to Kyros!

Meet Dr. Mara Glantz, Vice President of Clinical Services at Kyros – and discover what it means to work as a Peer on the Kyros team.

Kyros vs. The Traditional Approach

Average of $22.50/hour
Average of $18/hour
Flexible hours available through multiple partner program placements
Flexible hours limited to program need
Professional development
Career advancement opportunities through credentialing, recovery community networking events, continuing education opportunities, promotional opportunities, mentorship support provided by supervisors and lead peers
Credentialing advancement available through state-by-state
Technological Resources
Access to recovery management platform that consolidates administrative tasks into one portal, sponsorships for laptops and other tech needed for providing care
Peers working through other organizations may have access to technological resources through said organization
Continuing Education
Kyros-provided continuing education opportunities, partner-provided CE options, dedicated resources provided by state
Organization-provided resources, community continuing education opportunities available through personal finding

Peer Services You Will Provide

Client Education



Life Skills


Client Advocacy






Client Mentoring


Provide Support

Attending Recovery And Other Support Groups With Client

12-Step Groups

Celebrate Recovery

Assisting With Accessing Resources


Financial Aid


Driver’s Diversion Program

Food Shelf


Parenting Skills

Mental Health Disability

Providing Transportation

Medical Appointments


Job Interviews


Accompanying Client To Appointments That Support Recovery

Treatment Services/Uas



Mental Health Services

Job Interviews

Hear From Our Peer Professionals

April Chouinard Certified Peer Supervisor

“Working as a Peer Provider has created profound purpose in my own healing journey. This work allows me to reach others through my experiences, and truly impact the lives of those I work with.”

Rolando Ruiz Former Certified Peer Professional

"Kyros has helped me turn my mess into a message. After 12+ years of substance use disorder treatment I am working in a career that helps others that have similar stories. My work flexibility as a CPRS has allowed me to pursue school and serve my community while working with clients."

Ryan Avalon Certified Peer Professional

“I like making my own hours and being able to help people 'freelance style'."

Samantha Nygaard Certified Peer Professional

“I had a lifetime surrounded in use. In that lifetime I want those same people along with me for the next. Because now I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to remember.”

Shelly Storm Certified Peer Professional

“What I love about working here is the support I get as a Peer Provider. Helping others heal, heals me.”