Peer Recovery Services

At Kyros, we do peer recovery services a bit differently.

What Are Peer Recovery Services?

Peer recovery services include a wide range of support activities that encompass the social support necessary for individuals experiencing an SUD to navigate recovery successfully. Currently 90% of Americans with substance use disorder are not receiving adequate treatment – peer services are a critical form of care that addresses this massive gap.

Why Peer Services?

The support offered by a Peer extends beyond the clinical setting into everyday life, assisting with improving habits and overall quality of life for clients. Ranging in support type, peer services simplify the recovery process connecting clients to the help they need, when they need it. This support can be further broken down into four distinct categories of activities that a CPRS may provide.


Peers may lead individual or group support sessions


Peers may accompany clients to health & wellness seminars


Peers may assist clients in obtaining suitable housing


Peers may attend substance-free social events with clients

Meet Jacques Blake - Provider Advocate

Jacques is a Provider Advocate and Peer Professional at Kyros – learn a bit about what peer services are, and how Peer Professionals utilize these tools with clients.

Why Are Peer Recovery Services Important?

For someone who has spent years in active addiction, it may seem impossible to focus on anything other than fulfilling their most basic needs. Peers provide the “wrap-around” services necessary to ensure that someone with limited resources is meeting their basic needs and removing the most fundamental barriers to recovery. They also assist in fulfilling the need for belonging and community through affiliation and emotional support, in a judgement-free environment. Finally, peers also assist in creating real hope for a better future by demonstrating what is possible in long-term recovery as they share a history of addiction themselves.

The most important aspect of peer recovery services is that a peer has also lived through addiction and has a real understanding of the work that it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve sustained recovery. In the US, there continues to be significant stigma placed upon individuals with a Substance Use Disorder, often causing fear when considering treatment. Working with a peer who has shared lived experiences, and is culturally sensitive can help to build trust and remove the fear associated with getting help.

Peer Recovery Services at Kyros - How We Do It Differently

Kyros whole-heartedly believes in the immense value that substance use disorder care providers bring to the recovery community. Because we recognize that the connection between a Peer Professional and client is of utmost importance, Kyros offers a professionalized career path for every Peer who works with us. Part of our commitment to professionalizing this role includes ensuring a high standard of quality care is delivered to each individual.

Learn more about working as a Peer Professional at Kyros below