The Kyros Approach to Peer Recovery Services

How We Do It

In order to achieve our mission of making recovery from Substance Use Disorder possible for anyone, we are re-thinking the way that Peer Recovery Services are delivered, and measured. Kyros provides access to a network of Certified Peer Recovery Specialists who are qualified to help people engage in recovery, connecting and empowering participants, providers and organizations through our digital platform. Kyros’ technology-enabled, community-based approach to peer recovery services is providing effective and scalable support by meeting individuals where they are physically, emotionally, mentally and culturally. 

Not only does the Kyros platform enable our community-based approach, it also provides analytical insights and tracks peer and client outcomes. This information is incredibly valuable in optimizing positive client outcomes and ensuring clinical efficacy.

Why This Works

The fact of the matter is that so much of the hard work required to engage in recovery from Substance Use Disorder happens outside of treatment centers and other support institutions, in clients’ day-to-day lives. By taking a community-based approach without the rigidity associated with more traditional methods, we are able to remove some of the practical barriers that prevent 9 out of 10 people with a Substance Use Disorder from seeking help.

At Kyros, we’re dedicated to providing:

90% of Kyros appointments occur in the community, one-on-one with their clients

Kyros Peers connect with their clients an average of 4 times per week for an average of 4.5 months, maintaining support through transitions across the continuum of care


45% of Kyros appointments occur in traditional “off-hours”: evenings, weekends and holidays


Kyros Peers work with their clients to develop individual, person-centric wellness plans focusing on each client’s unique goals and motivations.


The Kyros platform regularly collects recovery capital data, via the standard BARC-10 survey and other measures, to track participant progress and experience


Kyros supports all pathways to recovery, however that looks for each unique client

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The Impact

Clients also identify the practical challenges that working with a Peer Recovery Specialist has helped them tackle, including:
Percentage Identified
Attended an AA/NA meeting with me
Accompanied me to a health appointment
Helped me locate a place to live
Discussed by recovery plan with me
Helped me obtain a driver’s license
Helped me obtain employment