Treatment Centers

As the starting phase of the recovery journey, you stand on the forefront, delivering vital care. Ensuring you have immediate access to the right resources is paramount as you guide clients through their initial steps towards recovery.

While delivering life-saving care, treatment centers are often overloaded with high caseloads of clients. This leaves dedicated social workers fatigued and unable to allocate sufficient time to devote to each client. Kyros provides essential support like instant access to assessment scheduling and peer services to reinforce the services treatment centers are already providing.

Common Services Provided:

What Our Partners Are Saying

2nd Chance Project CJ Jessup

"Kyros has helped support us in actionable and meaningful work to help individuals establish relationships, find employment opportunities and engage in community bonding. Together we're cultivating a recovery community that supports each individual."

Act 2 Meyer Belkin

“Having PRS services available to my residents has changed the trajectory of their journey in a very positive way. These services/resources translate into hope for our residents. My team and I have found purpose through providing these resources to our residents which in turn are the seeds that transform their recovery.”

Pride Institute Meghan Bang

“The partnership between Kyros and Pride has been life changing for our clients. Our staff is thankful for the impact peer recovery specialists have had on our clients and the LGBTQ+ community. We could not ask for better people to help guide them on the next phase of recovery.”

Archangel Ministries Alex Kempe

“In the 6 months we have partnered we have been able to make changes in our community that have impacted hundreds of lives. We could not have accomplished all we have, had it not been for the partnership with Kyros and the freedom to grow as God sees fit. This has truly been a blessing.”

Humanity Alliance Greg Pavett

“We are so grateful for the partnership with Kyros! The Peer Recovery support services have provided critical support for our residents as they unpack the trauma that impacts their journey."

BSM Sober Homes Nayt Pingry

"Kyros Peers have been instrumental in helping to support our residents. We have seen success rates drastically improve for clients who have worked with Peers."

Refocus Recovery Tim Balow

"We owe our entire existence to having access to technology and administrative support through Kyros. I don't know how any Recovery Community Organization can function without it."