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Bridging Tech & Humanity: Amplifying Human Touch in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Recovery

Yahoo Finance

Kyros Announces Miaja Cassidy, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN Chief Legal Officer, as Newest Member of Board of Directors

Behavioral Health Business

Digital substance use disorder platform Kyros has raised another $10.5 million in funding


‘Disruptive’ approach to peer support training sparks curiosity, concern among Minnesota addiction recovery leaders.

Pulse 2.0

Kyros: How This Company Is Helping Many People Who Suffer From Substance Use Disorder

CBS News Minnesota

St. Paul native creates digital platform Kyros for recovery services

Tech Bullion

The Most Important Marketplace in America; Applying Top Tech to Address Substance Use Disorder Crisis

Firece Healthcare

Kyros added Amy Dellwo as vice president of strategic policy and growth.

Behavioral Healthcare Executive

Kyros recently announced it is adding medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to its portfolio of services.

Digital Health Business & Technology

Kyros, a digital health marketplace, raised an additional $2.4 million in seed funding.


Kyros raises another $2.4 million in funding – plans to continue developing its platform, expand into new markets and hire staffers

Fierce Healthcare

Nick Christianson joins Kyros as Chief Financial Officer

Authority Magazine

Meet The Disruptors: Daniel Larson Of Kyros On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

Tech Bullion

Healthtech Startup Harnesses Technology To Elevate Recovery Services; Interview With Daniel Larson, CEO of Kyros

Tech Crunch

Kyros selected to compete in TechCrunch Minneapolis Pitch-Off


Why We Invested: Kyros – The world’s first sobriety management platform

Twin Cities Business Journal

Kyros, First of its Kind Recovery Industry Technology Platform, Raises 4.4M in Seed Funding

Business Wire

Kyros, Digital Recovery Platform, Launches in Minnesota


Twin Cities Wellness Collective

Leveraging technology to increase positive outcomes for those in recovery.

Business RadioX

Daniel Larson, Kyros – Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Radio Ep. 39

Business RadioX

Daniel Larson, Kyros – Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Radio Ep. 39