Peer Recovery Specialists (PRSs) are individuals in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), or with lived experience of recovery. PRSs work with other individuals in, or seeking, recovery to help them rebuild their lives and begin to live abundantly. Additionally, PRSs provide a number of services to the clients they work with – for a deeper understanding of PRS services check out our blog post on Peer Recovery Services. Becoming a PRS is simple, and we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide here. For many people interested in becoming a PRS, one deciding factor is whether or not they can work full-time. In this post we’ll dig into what it looks like to work as a Peer Recovery Specialist full-time, or as a part-time career.

Peer Recovery Specialists are greatly needed in the recovery community. Aside from helping their clients build up their lives in recovery, PRSs are mentors and advocates for their clients, meeting them at any point in their journey. Having someone to walk alongside you as you begin to navigate your new life greatly increases your chance of success in recovery. This is only one of the myriad reasons PRSs are so indispensable. With concerns about Substance Use Disorder declining in the past year while overdose rates increase, there hasn’t been a more urgent need for PRSs. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a PRS but are unsure about whether or not it’s the right fit, keep reading to learn more.

What Does Working As A PRS Look Like?

An Opportunity to Save Lives
One of the most incredible elements of working as a PRS is that you get to contribute positively to others’ recovery – often those who are much earlier along in their journey. We have heard from countless Peers that the fulfillment they have from gaining the opportunity to give back to the recovery community as a career is irreplaceable. 

Give Back to Your Own Recovery
One of the core tenants of recovery for many individuals is being of service. In this role, you will find the opportunity to deepen your personal recovery while benefitting the lives of others. Having a career that supports your personal recovery is one way to keep recovery centered in your life as you progress along your own journey.

Find The Right Match!
Finding the best client/provider match isn’t just to ensure there is a deeper level of understanding. Besides shared experience, providers and clients should be matched appropriately regarding frequency of meeting, and services provided. If you have a wide network of recovery housing programs and are working with someone who is soon leaving their intensive outpatient program, you could offer a lot of help in supporting your clients’ next step in recovery. A huge part of working full-time as a PRS is working with multiple clients that you serve each day!

Make A Livable Wage
Devoting your time to giving back to the recovery community is meaningful work. Because of this, you deserve a meaningful wage. At Kyros, we offer competitive wages for any PRS regardless of experience level. As you continue to hone your skills there are multiple opportunities for advancement. Read about the different ways you can advance within this role in our blog post that walks you through the steps of becoming a PRS.

Your Career, Your Choice

Working as a PRS, the possibilities are virtually endless. With the flexibility to work part or full-time, you decide the career path you take. Working in a W2 position as a Peer, you will also have the opportunity to receive benefits. Working as a PRS with Kyros, we want to see you thrive! Advance in your career and become a Reciprocal, Supervisor, PRS Trainer and more. Sound like an opportunity that’s the right fit for you? Follow the link below to get signed up for a PRS training class.

Become a PRS Now!

Through our partnership with Refocus Recovery, Kyros offers free training classes weekly – the only cost to you is certification upon completion of the class. We offer in-person and virtual training sessions, held both in the morning and at night. Sign up for a class through Refocus now, or learn more about the role here. Becoming a PRS is such a meaningful way to give back to the recovery community, and we’re so grateful to be building such a wide network of incredible peer recovery specialists!

Want To Connect With Someone In Recovery?

If you’re having trouble deciding what the first step to take is, or just looking for support – look no further. Peer Recovery Specialists (PRSs) have been in your position before, building a completely new life as they began their journey. Talking to a PRS who has recovery experience can help you feel supported as you navigate through this new territory. Get connected with a PRS now here!


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