Breaking Down Barriers, Together

Just as there are barriers to receiving treatment, there are also significant barriers to providing it. Kyros partners with organizations who are already doing the hard work of helping individuals with Substance Use Disorder by supplementing resources and absorbing administrative work to give partners more time back in their days to help more people. By partnering with those who share our vision, we can jointly expand reach and increase access to personalized recovery roadmaps.


Who We Partner With

Community and Faith-based Organizations

Non-profit Organizations


Treatment Centers

Kyros takes a partnership-first approach to our work

By gaining an understanding of how our partners are already doing life-changing work and defining how we can augment that work in a customizable fashion, we can effectively serve more people in all stages of their recovery journey. From supplementing treatment services to billing and administration, Kyros works with many types of organizations to identify and fill service gaps across the continuum of care.

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