Enhancing your recovery organization’s impact with just one additional team member can lead to transformative results. Our recent visit to Horizon House in Duluth, Minnesota, showcased the remarkable difference a dedicated peer like Dawn Clemons can make. Dawn’s unwavering support and wraparound care have profoundly influenced the lives of many clients, guiding them towards sustained recovery success. By collaborating with organizations committed to life-saving treatment, we at Kyros don’t just complement your efforts; we amplify them. Our partnership model is designed to reinforce the exceptional services you provide, ensuring that individuals in recovery receive comprehensive support across their entire care journey. Hear more below about how we’re accomplishing this through local organizations like Horizon House!

How Does Kyros Partner With Recovery Organizations?

In our collaborative mission to enhance substance use disorder recovery accessibility, we engage with various organizations committed to dismantling recovery barriers and broadening treatment service access. 

Our partnerships span community shelters, treatment centers, re-entry programs, and sober housing, reinforcing our shared goal. Through these alliances, we not only supplement treatment services but also streamline billing and administration processes, identifying and addressing service gaps across the care continuum. By offering peer support services and assessments at no cost, we amplify your programs, providing more holistic recovery support. Our collective efforts fortify recovery communities, ensuring comprehensive support is within reach for everyone.


The Role of Peer Services in Enhancing Our Partner Programs: Horizon House

Horizon House is a men’s sober house in Duluth, Minnesota. Offering a range of recovery services aimed at supporting successful, long-term recovery, Horizon House is providing life-changing services to its residents daily. Starting in 2023, Horizon House began partnering with Kyros to offer more holistic recovery support through peer recovery services. 

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, Dawn Clemons, works with the men currently living at Horizon House to guide them throughout their early recovery. Dawn is in recovery herself, and reflects on being a Peer,

“I never thought that I would be here myself in recovery this far down the road. And helping others get here is powerful.”


The individuals that Dawn works with express their deep gratitude for how she has been able to walk alongside them, helping them to build a new life in recovery. One client, Andy, said,

“She was just Johnny on the spot with all the paperwork I’ve ever needed. She’d come up to my jobs. It’s just she’s just been a really a huge blessing to me, you know, on getting me to move forward in my life. If I wouldn’t have had her, I, I don’t think that I would have been in the position I’m at right now.”


This is the power of peer services. Peers are committed to supporting those they work with to foster successful recovery outcomes, one life at a time.

By focusing on these strategies, you can harness the energy of the new year in a way that supports and strengthens your recovery, rather than disrupts it. Remember, recovery is a personal journey that benefits from thoughtful, consistent commitment.

Just One More Person, Can Make the Difference

Our collaboration with Horizon House in Duluth showcases the impactful role peer support services play in recovery. Dawn Clemons’ dedication and the positive feedback from those she’s assisted highlight the transformational effect of our partnerships. At Kyros, we’re committed to reinforcing the vital work of recovery organizations, ensuring comprehensive support is accessible for all. Through partnerships like the one with Horizon House, we amplify the reach of recovery services, fostering environments where individuals in recovery feel supported. Our efforts continue to build a stronger recovery community, demonstrating the power of unity in overcoming substance use disorder. Learn more about our collaborative efforts to make recovery more accessible and effective.

Catch the Full Story!

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