A Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) is an individual in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), or who has a lived experience with addiction. They walk alongside peers in recovery and help them navigate the obstacles they face throughout their journey. Particularly, PRSs are committed to working with each client individually to find the recovery services that work best for them. Peer Recovery Specialists deliver critical support to people in recovery, and can often help in ways that a traditional care provider can not. If you or someone you know could benefit from a PRS, read on to learn more about how they can help and how you can find one!

Why Are Peer Recovery Specialists Important?

Peer Recovery Specialists (PRSs) have shared experiences with the clients they work with, from similar backgrounds to belonging to the same communities. At Kyros, we recognize that it may be difficult to connect with someone who does not have insight into your unique experiences. Because of this, we match PRSs with similar backgrounds and lived experiences with each person we offer these services to. Additionally, it can be seen that establishing a trusting and understanding relationship with your provider can increase success and quality of life (NIH). 

PRSs offer support with things like transportation, mentorship, attending meetings and connecting you to resources to assist in your recovery. In addition, PRSs are always finding new ways to support their clients in order to meet their specific needs, so the opportunities are endless. Check out this post to learn about the kinds of services our PRS offer to clients.


How to Find a Peer Recovery Specialist

You can find a peer to work with in many ways. Whether you know someone through your program, or have no idea where to start looking – we’ve gathered some options for you. Are you ready to start working one-on-one with a Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS)? Keep reading to learn how you can find one now!

Kyros is now the leading provider of Peer Recovery Specialist services in Minnesota with over 200 PRSs working with clients every day. Additionally, we offer free weekly certification training to those interested in the profession to match the growing need for support. Kyros PRSs work with programs around the state to offer support within recovery organizations or directly with clients in the community.

Are you ready to work with a PRS now? We can get you set up right away, just let us know here.

SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, has a 27/7 treatment referral line that can also be called to help find a PRS near you. To speak with someone now, call here.

Reach Out to Your Program Director
Are you currently in a recovery program? Many programs across the state have active PRSs working with them to help support clients. Because of how important this network is, we partner with over 60 organizations in Minnesota with many organizations having their own PRSs on staff.

Ask a Peer Recovery Specialist
If you know someone who is already working as a PRS, give them a shout! Even if they already have clients, they will be sure to help point you in the right direction. Because PRSs are connected with a huge network of support, they likely work with other PRSs who may be the right fit for you!


A Reminder: Some Common Services PRSs Provide

  • Transportation – Bringing clients to and from treatment, meetings or other appointments
  • One-on-one peer mentoring and counseling
  • Attending recovery-friendly social events alongside their client
  • Attending meetings alongside their client – AA, NA and other recovery groups
  • Help clients find affordable housing options


PRSs Support You In Many Ways

Peer Recovery Specialists (PRSs) are an important part of many treatment plans. We encourage anyone in recovery to work with a PRS. Additionally, PRSs can act as incredible advocates for your recovery, no matter where you are in your journey. Ready to start working with a PRS now? You can work with a PRS now by visiting the link below!


Start Working With Someone Now

Want to talk with someone further about what it means to work with a Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS)? We’ve got you covered – drop some information here and we’ll reach out to you! Interested in becoming a PRS yourself? Great! We’re always looking for more. Learn more about becoming a PRS here!


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