Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRSs) are individuals in recovery who work one-on-one with clients to support them in successful recovery. Through a human-centered approach, CPRSs can better focus on the overall wellness of each individual client. In turn, the care they offer reinforced by offering various recovery services. In order to become a CPRS, you will need to acquire the proper training and certification. We are committed to increasing access to recovery services and understand that the shortage of qualified professionals who can help is a massive barrier. This is why we offer FREE PRS training to anyone looking to begin working as a CPRS. Our training class is available to everyone across the state of Minnesota. In this post, we’re going to go over what you can expect from taking a Refocus Recovery training class, the structure of the class and some frequently asked questions we hear!

Why is Peer Support Important?

Peer support offers a unique opportunity to utilize your experiential knowledge to relate, mentor and provide support to individuals who are earlier along in their recovery journey. Peer support is critical to the success of individuals who are not receiving support in finding resources that are best suited to their unique needs. With a CPRS, individuals can more effectively find and identify the next right step for them. 

CPRS Training Opportunities with Refocus

Training with Refocus Recovery, you will find different options for class time and location. Before signing up for training, find a class that fits in your schedule.

In-Person and Virtual Options
Can’t make an in-person class at our downtown location? That’s why we offer virtual PRS training classes! By having both virtual and in-person options, we’re able to serve more of Minnesota with our free training.

AM or PM Peer Training Classes?
We know that many people have a current job that takes precedence over a training class. We don’t want you to miss work for an entire week! To make this training available to everyone, we make sure to offer a night class every other week.

*If you are taking one of our PM courses, the class will be broken up across 7 days while our AM class is 5 days in total. Both courses cover the same amount of material, and take the required 46 hours to complete.

What to Expect From Training
The PRS training that we offer will take place over the course of 5-7 days depending on which class you register for. In both class structures, we cover all the required material you need to effectively work as a CPRS. Each of our trainers are qualified CPRSs who have worked in the field first-hand. They’re uniquely equipped with the lived experience that can further assist you in pursuing your career. Your trainer will walk you through training modules each day that builds on the material from the previous day, so it is important to attend each day of class.

Training Classes are a Supportive Environment
Throughout the class, this is an open environment where you can ask questions about becoming a CPRS. If you’re stuck on the material, ask your trainer! They’re here to ensure that you feel confident in the material and are prepared to take your exam upon completion of the class.

An Opportunity to Give Back

We provide flexible class options with one thing in mind – opening this opportunity to as many people as possible. To become a CPRS all that is required is a year of lived experience in recovery, high school diploma or GED and a valid driver’s license. There are so many people within the recovery community that can work as CPRSs and help others achieve sustained recovery. We’re here to make that happen. Working as a CPRS is an incredible opportunity to give back to others in recovery, as well as reinforce your own recovery. 

Check Out CPRS Training Options Now

Whether you currently have a job that takes priority, or you’re looking for your next opportunity – we’ve got options! Visit our page here and sign up for a PRS training class today.

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