At Kyros, we champion a peer recovery model that offers personalized support, recognizing the unique journey of each individual in recovery. Our approach is powered by over 320 active peers across Minnesota, drawn from diverse backgrounds—ranging from the unhoused and LGBTQIA+ to people of color and those with justice involvement. These Certified Peer Recovery Specialists leverage their lived experiences to make a significant difference in their communities, embodying the essence of our mission. Kyros not only facilitates their professional growth within the recovery field but also ensures a meaningful connection between peers and clients. Discover the impactful story of one individual Peer, Dawn Clemons, at recovery organization Horizon House and see the transformative change one person can bring to the lives of many. Hear their stories firsthand below!

Peer Support Saves Lives

Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRSs) have the unique opportunity to make a significant difference in individual recovery journeys – providing support that helps bridge the gap between treatment and a fulfilling life in recovery. One CPRS in Minnesota, Dawn Clemons, shares her experience. Working in a career where she can impact the lives of her Peers in recovery, Dawn shares how working as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) has changed her life.

The Power of One More Person

Adding a CPRS resource to your organization is more than adding another team member. You’re complimenting your already existing services with another avenue of support available to clients. Don’t take it from us, hear from the clients Dawn has worked with while being a Kyros CPRS.

Peer Support Is Transformative Along Recovery Journeys

The journey of recovery is one that thrives on connection, understanding, and shared experiences. At Kyros, we’ve seen firsthand how the power of peer support can transform lives. Through the dedication of Certified Peer Recovery Specialists like Dawn Clemons, we’re able to offer a beacon of hope and a path forward for those navigating the challenges of recovery. Dawn’s story, and the stories of those she has helped, highlight the profound impact that one individual can have on the lives of many. It’s a testament to our belief that everyone’s journey matters and that together, we can build a supportive network that not only saves lives but also fosters a community of healing and growth. Join us in embracing the transformative power of peer support and discover how you can be part of making a difference in the recovery landscape.

Hear More Stories From Kyros CPRSs

We are always highlighting the life-changing support that our CPRSs are actively out in the community offering. Check out our socials below for more individual stories of CPRSs in your community!

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