Being in recovery from substance use disorder requires a complete transformation in your day-to-day life. Especially after having lived without a healthy routine for some time, it’s overwhelming to even imagine building an entirely new life. It’s crucial to your recovery that you begin building a new life that is not only supportive of your sobriety, but a life that you enjoy! The first step in actualizing this abundant life in recovery is to truly sit down and decide what you need out of each day. Finding what is fulfilling to you will support you in your long-term recovery. One of the best ways to guide your recovery is to create a recovery wellness plan. In this post we’ll break down what a recovery wellness plan is, and how you can start utilizing one today!

What is a Recovery Wellness Plan?

A recovery wellness plan is a wellness and recovery approach that helps people to: 1) decrease and prevent further intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviors; 2) increase personal empowerment; 3) improve quality of life; and 4) achieve their own life goals and dreams.

To utilize recovery wellness plans to accomplish the above mentioned goals, you will need to work honestly through each piece of your approach. If you are working with a PRS, they will guide you through each section of the plan. Because it can be difficult to feel all of the emotions that may come up during this process, take your time. Recovery wellness plans can always be changed, built on or shifted at any point in time. They are not concrete. Think of your recovery wellness plan as the lighthouse on a pier. You’re still driving the boat, but the light guides you when it sometimes gets too foggy to see clearly.

Your recovery wellness plan will be comprised of multiple parts, the following is the framework for the method that Kyros uses:

  • Outlining Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Main Goal
  • Physical Wellness Goal
    Mental Health Wellness Goal
  • Spiritual Wellness Goal
  • Occupational Wellness Goal
  • Social Wellness Goal
  • Developing Support Network

Why are They Important?

Recovery wellness plans act as a roadmap for your recovery journey. As you progress in recovery, your plan will grow. Your wellness plan is critical to your recovery in that it provides you with a guide to success as you develop in different areas of your life. Successful recovery is dependent on growth in each aspect of your life – physical, mental and spiritual. Trying to develop these all at once can be overwhelming, and leave you wandering aimlessly. A recovery wellness plan gives you clear goals to achieve the desired success you’re working towards, across the board. Want a few tips to keep in mind when creating yours? Check out our recommendations below!

Tips When Creating a Recovery Wellness Plan

  • Be honest, and vulnerable – the process of creating a recovery wellness plan can be difficult as you bring to the surface complicated emotions surrounding your past. PRSs are a non-judgmental source of support that have walked a similar path, don’t be hesitant to share with them.
  • Take your time. Creating your plan is less about checking the boxes to get each step completed, and more about taking the time to understand your experiences, and where you want to successfully land in recovery.
  • Change is a good thing! If you find yourself returning to your recovery wellness plan and wanting to change the direction, that’s completely fine! At Kyros, we actually encourage you to rework your recovery plan at the start of each new year.

Recovery Wellness Plans can Keep you on Track

Recovery wellness plans are designed to help you maintain a healthy recovery. What looks successful to you might be vastly different than someone else in recovery. This is why we create individualized plans that are meant to best serve you. Peer Recovery Specialists (PRSs) work one-on-one with individuals, like yourself, to offer advice and shared experiences that will help you better navigate your recovery. PRSs are coached in creating recovery plans, and can assist you in developing your plan today!

Ready to Create Your Plan Now?

Get in touch with a PRS and start working on your recovery wellness plan! At Kyros, we ensure that clients are set up with a wellness plan as soon as they start working with us. 


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