It’s that time of year, as the crisp air and pumpkin spice flavors herald the arrival of spooky season – Halloween is upon us! Whether Halloween is at the top of your list or not, the holiday’s delightful horrors are celebrated far and wide. With the promise of Halloween parties and celebrations, it seems impossible to escape things like spooky-themed alcoholic beverages – where’s the recovery fun in that?  Don’t get spooked just yet, we’ve gathered all of our favorite ways to celebrate the Halloween season – and none of them involve using substances! Keep reading to check out some tricks and treats for you and yours!


Why is Celebrating Sober Important?

Being in recovery is a whole new world – and this means a whole new flavor of fun! Whether you’re looking for something for the family, or an activity to bring clients to, we’ve got you covered. Re-discovering fun is so critical to success in recovery. Finding new ways to have fun, meeting new people and genuinely enjoying and appreciating life is the magic that keeps us sealed in our recovery. Part of this, when we feel ready, is looking at holidays through a new lens. We hope that this list inspires you to get creative this Halloween season!


Spooktacular Fun - For the Whole Family

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

A classic for a reason, visiting a pumpkin patch or apple orchard is one of the best seasonal activities. Typically featuring a hayride, and “pick-your-own” style, visiting a pumpkin patch keeps everyone engaged and smiling! Below are a few of our favorites located in Minnesota:

Valley Fair Tricks and Treats

Running for an entire month, take the family out for a day of playfully spooky fun! They’ve got rides, as always, and a bunch of holiday-themed activities and goodies.You can check out more information here.

Light Up the Night Parade

With Anoka being the Halloween capital of the world, it’s no surprise that they have all the best festivities lining the calendar. Check out this spooky parade, complete with bonfires, food trucks and more!


Looking for a Scare? Fright This Way…

Dead End Hayride

You’re guaranteed to scream at this haunted hayride. An interactive experience full of terrifying jump-scares – find out more about tickets here.

Scream Town

With over 7 locations in town, this dead-end location is bound to keep you guessing and afraid! Find more information about tickets here.

Scary Movie Marathon, All Month Long

The easiest way to stay in the spirit of the season is to stream scary movies, all day every day. Only kidding, but seriously! Keeping a scary movie in rotation throughout the month is truly the best way to keep the spooky vibes going! Check out this list of horror movies to get you started.


No Tricks, Just Treats

These ghoulish delights are just as spooky as they are tasty! Take a pick from our list below, or head over to Pinterest to find your own favorites. Either way, you can’t go wrong with spooky appetizers at your Halloween celebration, or even for a fun weeknight dinner theme:

Or, you can always keep the house stocked with candy all month long!



Spooky Season, Sober Style

Embracing sobriety adds a whole new dimension of fun to this holiday. Whether you’re searching for family-friendly activities or options for clients, our list has you covered. Rediscovering the joy of living in recovery is essential, and these festive ideas aim to inspire creativity and appreciation for life. So, dive into the season with pumpkin patch visits, Valley Fair adventures, and spine-tingling haunted experiences. Host a scary movie marathon or savor ghoulish treats like Jalapeño Popper Mummies and Poison Apples. Regardless of your choice, may this Halloween be celebrated joyfully.

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