There are around 46 million people in the United States who are classified as having a Substance Use Disorder, according to recent studies. This epidemic affects almost every single family in the United States. Knowing that the number of people requiring support services is so high, Kyros decided to take a unique approach to solving this problem. By partnering with Recovery Community Organization, Refocus Recovery, we has been able to support hundreds of individuals in training to become Certified Peer Recovery Specialists. Subsequently, we offer employment upon completion of Refocus Recovery’s training class. Through our partnership with Refocus Recovery, we have been able to supplement the professional recovery workforce greatly, now responsible for over 30% of Minnesota’s active Certified Peer Recovery Specialists. In this post, we’ll dig into the numbers that demonstrate the impact that our Peers have had on the clients they work with.

Why Are Peers Important?

Peer Recovery Specialists (PRSs) share experiences with the clients they work with, from similar backgrounds to belonging to the same communities. At Kyros, we recognize that it may be difficult for you to connect with someone who does not have insight into your unique experiences. Because of this, we match PRSs with similar backgrounds and lived experiences with each person we offer services to. Furthermore, it can be seen that establishing a trusting and understanding relationship with your provider can increase success and quality of life (NIH). Our clients’ individual success in recovery has been proven to benefit from developing lasting relationships with Peers, read on for more information on how this has been demonstrated.

How Our Peers Are Changing Lives

We asked our clients how their lives in recovery had been impacted by working with Kyros Certified Peer Recovery Specialists – here is what they said:

  • “I was stopped from returning to use at least 3 times”
    44% of our clients reported this
  • “I was stopped from returning to use at least 1-2 times”
    27% more of our clients reported this
  • “I was able to obtain a driver’s license with the help of a Peer”
    20% of all our clients were able to reinstate their license
  • “My CPRS helped me obtain employment”
    60% of clients were able to secure employment with the help of a Peer
  • “My CPRS attended a recovery meeting with me”
    60% of our clients experienced accompaniment to recovery meetings
  • “I was able to locate housing”
    32% of our clients were able to secure housing
  • “My CPRS discussed my recovery plan with me”
    80% of our clients reported that their Peers developed a recovery plan with them.

These are just a few of the ways that our Peers are working with their clients. Peer Providers are absolutely critical to the recovery community – they fill in gaps along the recovery process that were otherwise left unattended due to shortages within the workforce.

Peers Are Transforming Lives

At Kyros, we believe that your past is your greatest asset as a person in recovery. Our Peers utilize their lived experience and are matched with clients that they are best equipped to help. Having shared experiences offers a basic level of understanding that serves as a takeoff point within the Peer Provider/Client relationship. In addition to this, our Peers work with clients to develop recovery strategies that are meant to set them up for long term success. Whether it’s meeting a basic need like finding housing, or taking the next step and finding employment opportunities. Peer Providers are here to help clients in early recovery every step of the way.

Work With a Peer Today

You can utilize a Peer Provider at any point along your recovery journey. Ready to start working with one today? Get started now.


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