If you’ve spent any amount of time in the recovery community, you know what Naloxone is. More commonly known as Narcan, is a life-saving medication that can save an individual’s life once overdose symptoms are onset. While this medication has already saved countless lives, and continues to each day, it has long been difficult to access. This coupled with the lack of widespread awareness has left the public unable to fully utilize this critical harm reduction tool. In an effort to spread awareness, and equip as many people with Narcan as possible, Kyros has begun offering a monthly Narcan Administration Training Event in Minnesota! In this post we’re going to dive into what Narcan is, its importance, and what our course on Narcan administration covers!

What is Narcan?

Narcan is a life-saving medication that can reverse and overdose from opioids when given in time. There are two forms of Narcan that anyone can use without medical training or authorization. One is a prefilled nasal spray and the other is an injectable.

a photograph of injectable Naloxone, Narcan, for opioid overdose prevention
Nasal Spray
a photograph of a narcan nasal spray, still in sterile packaging, in front of the box it comes packaged in.
Narcan - Nasal Spray

Why is Narcan Important?

Narcan quickly reverses the effects of an opioid overdose, offering temporary reversal so that emergency medical services can potentially save a life. Safe to use on anyone, regardless of opioid use, it is recommended that Naloxone be administered any time an opioid overdose is suspected.

Providing widespread access to Naloxone is just one harm reduction technique that can be utilized during the epidemic our country currently faces. Knowing that areas in which Naloxone is available experience a decrease in opioid misuse demands that we continue to spread awareness and increase access to this vital tool. Our first step is providing our Narcan Administration Training Event monthly, read on to learn more about what we cover in our course!

A Look Inside: Narcan Administration Course Overview

Addiction/Substance Use Disorder An overview of substance use disorder (SUD), as well as insight into the stigma surrounding SUD. This section covers new language around SUD and how to take a person-first approach when talking about those affected by this disease.

Opioid Overview and Fentanyl 101 This section covers what fentanyl is, as well as the entire family of opioids. We also cover common fentanyl myths in this section, providing research-backed responses that provide clarity around these myths.

Opioid Public Health Crisis An in depth analysis of opioid-related research, this section provides a wealth of information around our current public health crisis. Topics covered here range from polysubstance use, overdose death rates and youth opioid use.

Contributors and Risk Factors In this section we cover common paths to prescription opioid use, including cultural and societal influence, and prescription dosage. Within this we offer a look into prescribing rates in the U.S., and specifically Minnesota.

Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention  Covering a general overview of what harm reduction is, as well as different harm reduction strategies. Also covered are tips for recognizing opioid misuse, and a look into who is at risk for opioid misuse.

Recognizing and Preventing an Opioid Overdose Building off the previous section, we offer an extensive list of opioid overdose signs and symptoms. We also dig into what Naloxone (Narcan) is, different methods of administration, and an overview of how opioids work.

Naloxone Laws and Access State Naloxone laws play a large role in distribution, awareness and utilization. This section covers the most updated laws in Minnesota as well as different ways you can access Naloxone today!

Naloxone Administration As the title suggests, this section offers a step-by-step guide on Naloxone administration, both nasal and intramuscular. Complete with visual aids, and general Naloxone information – you’ll walk out feeling comfortable administering this medication.

a photograph of Naloxone, Narcan, vial for intramuscular injection

Narcan Saves Lives

In conclusion, Narcan, commonly known as Naloxone, stands as a life-saving tool that can swiftly reverse the devastating effects of opioid overdoses. Its accessibility is crucial in combating the opioid epidemic. Kyros is committed to promoting awareness and offering monthly Narcan Administration Training Events, empowering individuals to play a significant role in harm reduction by recognizing overdose symptoms and administering Naloxone when needed. This comprehensive course equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to potentially save lives, contributing to a safer and more informed community during these challenging times.

Get Certified!

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